General Information

  • Anthony Gigantiello – President
  • John Ziedonis – Vice President
  • Thomas Johnson – Treasurer
  • Steven Carola – Secretary
  • Jose Batista
  • Diane Delgado
  • Christopher Murillo
  • Theresa McQuillan DeCrescenzo
  • Norman Sherman

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Donna Digilio-Arruffat, Manager
Sheila Rapp, Secretary
Corenne Seal, Office Staff
Telephone: 718-274-4767

The Laundry Rooms are open 7 days a week, from:

7:00 AM to 10:30 PM on Mon—Fri
8:00 AM to 10:30 PM on Sat & Sun
Last Load on all days must be in by 10:00 PM

Reloadable Laundry Cards Only.
No coins accepted.
Laundry cards refilled by using the CVA machine in each laundry room.

Note: If you are unable to refill your laundry card during office hours, we may be able to assist you. For more information, please contact the office.

Did you know that you can refill your laundry card online with your credit card? Visit the Fowler Laundry Card Refill Website to register and refill your card.

Instructions are posted in each building’s recycling area.

For a handy brochure of recycling guidelines, contact the office or download a PDF here.

Monday – Friday 1:00PM – 4:00 PM

Cooperators should refer to their copy of our rules and regulations for detailed information about use of the Bulk Disposal Area. If you need a copy, contact the office.

Note: Contractors are NOT permitted to use the bulk area when removing construction waste from your apartment.

In the event of an emergency during hours when the office is closed:

  • Crime on Grounds: CALL 911
  • Fire: CALL 911
  • Medical Emergency: CALL 911

Then, call the emergency number at 917-282-7708, and follow the instructions on the recorded message.

For apartment-related emergencies when the office is open, please call the office at 718-274-4767.

For apartment-related emergencies when the office is closed, please call the emergency number at 917-282-7708 to reach North Queensview Security.

In the event of an emergency due to weather or power outage, we have prepared a brochure for cooperators to read and use to prepare.

Read or Download a pdf here.

Club activities and contacts are subject to change.

To get the latest list, or to obtain information on how to start a club, contact the office.

There are many differences between renting an apartment and being a cooperative owner.

We have prepared a brochure for our cooperators and prospective purchasers.

Read or Download a pdf here.

Parking in our lots is by lottery, held annually in March.

The parking fee is $500 per year. All shareholders in good standing are welcome to apply. Second spots are occasionally available after completion of the lottery.

All cooperators will be notified in advance of the lottery so they may apply.

Our social rooms are available for rental for private parties by shareholders only.

See North Queensview’s policy for rental of the social room, or contact the office.